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logo of our project a front view of our bag a back view of our bag a side view of our bag


Creators: Augusto Mota Pinheiro, Romaine Brand & others
Start Date: ~ 11/2018
End Date: ~ 02/2019
Medium: Blender | Meshroom | After Effects | Premiere Pro | Illustrator

For one of our projects in the Entrepreneurship class during high school, we needed to create a product (a bag in this case) and company that would appeal to today's market. We had to make market surveys, come up with unique create fake paperwork for our company, create a name and general brand identity for said company as well as produce advertisement pieces for our product.

Of course, we mostly all played our part in our team of 6 people, but I was more specifically in charge of the production of the videos and logo for our company Branch Out. Romaine took care of making the physical bag, so everything to do with fabrics, sewing, actual design of it, etc. We came up with the concept of each ad together and I got to work on the execution with a few added ideas. For example, we wanted to show that the bag was waterproof, so I got a bunch of pictures of the bag in Meshroom, created a 3D model and imported that into Blender to create my fluid simulation and render. Another example is when I had to create the Earth for "international shipping": I used Video Copilot's Orb plugin and NASA's open license textures of our planet, with some keyframed animations and 2D graphics.

Some materials were not fully created by me (the logo's branch for instance was based on existing drawings).