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main menu of the game gameplay screenshot of the game end screen of the game


Creator: Augusto Mota Pinheiro
Start Date: 10/2020
End Date: 12/2020
Medium & Tools: Unity | Github | Blender | Affinity Designer

Project Summary

I created Duo for my Game Making class during my time at Dawson! For a detailed rundown of my creation and ideation processes, I recommend checking out my class blog!

Duo is a game ideally played by two players (in local multiplayer), where both partners are navigating an infinitely procedural level together.

Obstacles can come from all sides and each player must pull the other in such a way to avoid said obstacle. Otherwise, they will collide and must restart.

There are also bonus objects along the way which will modify how the game is played in different ways.

main menu screen of the game screenshot of Unity during the creation of the physical rope animation tree for the players URP shader graph for the terrain URP shader graph for the procedural sky tutorial screen with an interesting message gameplay screenshot using game modifiers (bottom left) credits screen for used media
Summarized Features
  • Local & single player modes
  • Physically based rope uniting both players
  • Infinite level, with fully procedurally generated obstacles and bonuses
  • Beautifully generated, animated skybox
  • Cutscene & interactive tutorial at the beginning of a play through
  • Meditation game to make you think about the present

The goal of this project was to make an interactive experience that represents a part of ourselves, and this is what I wrote at the time:

I recently realized that being together with those that you love and hold close to your heart is more important than anything else. No matter what you do, and no matter how it might look like, we all have a desire of being attached to someone else, as you are in Duo. It’s a really great feeling, finding someone that awakens the aforementioned desire…

Resources You can play the game here!