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a closeup of the two robots a single robot the two robots in a white background the same two robots in a white background the base of the two robots the inside of a robot the underside of a robot another viewpoint of one of the robots

Mad Max

Creators: Augusto Mota Pinheiro & Justin Galley
Start Date: ~ 11/2019
End Date: ~ 12/2019
Medium: Micro:bit

For this project, my partner and I decided to build little communicating spheres that we ended up naming Mad & Max (from the movie series Mad Max) because, as you will see, we gave our little robots a post-apocalyptic look :)

We made two spherical robots that move around depending on the light level and that also communicate their respective emotions between themselves with radio.

They have 11 emotions each, that they communicate using numbers sent through radio; when they receive a number, they randomly choose between two reactions and they send that number to the other, and the cycle repeats.

A great thanks to my partner Justin by the way :)