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screenshot of the game (beginning) screenshot of the game (tutorial) screenshot of the game (hiding) screenshot of the game (ending)


Creators: Augusto Mota Pinheiro & others
Start Date: ~ 04/2020
End Date: ~ 05/2020
Medium: Unity

In Tory, players have to explore their surroundings, interact with the game environment, and study the enemy’s behavior to play at their best. However, just knowing how the game works is not enough, as it will take multiple attempts to master the mechanics and complete the level. The difficulty of the game encourages players to never give up, to try new strategies, and to be resourceful with what is offered to them.

The game was created for "The Art of Game Design" course at Dawson College, based on Generations, by Alfred Hayden.

My roles, in our team of 4, were: Main Programmer + Game Designer.


  • Brian Kang (Artist)
  • William Pak (Paperwork Manager)
  • Paul Terrado (Level Designer)

More information about the project and the process on this blog post!
You can also play the game here!

Gun Pack by Viktor Hahn
Music: Sad Story Bro, by Antti Luode