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screenshot of the game (humans) screenshot of the game (big tree) screenshot of the game (robots) screenshot of the game (research and creation overview) screenshot of the game (research menu) screenshot of the game (research and part creation menu) screenshot of the game (zombie creation menu)

Zombie Paradise

Creators: Augusto Mota Pinheiro
Start Date: 02/2021
End Date: 05/2021
Medium: Unity | Magicavoxel | Blender

Welcome to Zombie Paradise! Your goal is to use your zombies to destroy as many humans and their settlements as possible. Human brains are used to invest in R&D to create new zombie parts, and with enough human fingers you can put them together to create new zombies. Stronger, smarter zombies will be needed to attack humans as they adapt to the onslaught of your zombie hordes.

I created Zombie Paradise because I’ve always found that apocalypse games, movies and series were very repetitive (Ahem… The Walking Dead…), and even though I like the genre, I found they were all too formulaic and did little to differentiate themselves or innovate on the base concept. From there, the simple idea of role-reversal came to me: why not be in control of the zombie horde to take down every human on sight? Humans don’t particularly enjoy living during an apocalypse, so shouldn't we help them out...?

That being said, this is not the perfect game and there are quite a lot of stuff that I would have done differently to improve how the game currently works, the biggest thing I would've done differently is the management of my time for the project. When starting out, I didn't realize how much work fine tuning values for a game like this required, so, even if the mechanics are there, some playthroughs can get out of hand and end up being pretty unbalanced (generally for the player's benefit).

Having designed and programmed the entire game, I did everything that you see except for the assets below!


If you want to check out the game. click here to download it!